I Don't Expect to be a Mother...

  • I Don't Expect to be a Mother and I Don't Expect to Die Alone
  • My favorite (Bhutanese) proverb says: "Plum blossom is beautiful. Blossom is temporary". The question I get asked most is why I spend countless hours on something that will cease to exist. I highlight everyday objects and give them a new meaning by dressing them in crochet. With every piece I create I try to draw attention to various issues around the world, issues that are important to me. This year I created awareness and encouraged discussion through several large scale commissions in Hawaii, India, Chile and I also continued to hone my skills and share my art in NYC and Poland.
    In recent work, I've been exploring transient and fleeting themes. The materials I choose as well as crochet, partnered with the technique I work with, manifest the concept of the ephemeral; suggesting the limited life of the art object as well as the concept. In my collaboration with Michelle P. Dodson, I decided to illustrate the idea of ephemerality through crocheted interpretation of works by artists who have influenced me most. We spent countless hours filming the creation and unraveling of crocheted elements integral to exploration of impermanence.
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