The ABSOLUT Open Canvas

The ABSOLUT Open Canvas |  June 22nd- June 28th 2013


Initiative features some of the world's most celebrated emerging artists who are transforming North 6th Street in Williamsburg from a white canvas into an immersive outdoor art exhibition.

How does a thought/idea form itself? It is a response to information, images, words, food or lovers... conversations that flow through an individual's unconscious. It is collaboration between environment and time. Still and metamorphosing, old and new, unique and common, public and private, hidden and exposed, performer and creator, traditional and innovative, decay and renewal, are all interchangeable.

I take advantage of living in NYC with its various neighborhoods and, with my actions, create a feedback to the economic and social reality in our community.

I am creating All We Need Is Love and Money ( 80 ft long fence among other pieces) for Open Canvas to inspire others to take creative risks to Transform Today.

You can see my artwork, as well as pieces from other artists in Williamsburg at North 6th Street (between Kent and Whythe) from June 22nd-29th, 2013.